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Odd Future Lyrics

Lyrics by Lollia (me)

I keep my ideals with me

My destiny! Oh!

What’s going through?

Time I gotta reap all that I sow

Makin’ my decisions on own

Forgave all my mistakes haunting me

Keepin’ my focus on the road beneath my feet

Replay the memories of who I used be

Reminding me of where I wanna be

Closing my eyes I hear their judgement clouding my mind

What’s going on?

I survived but somehow I don’t feel alive

I’m stuck here thinkin’ of a past I never wanted.

What’s going on?

Another fight against who’s wrong for what is right

Endless possibilities to see


Dreaming, my soul rewinds

Reaching for the sky

I’ll follow my heart through the darkness

Escaping the night taking flight woah yeah

The future is yours for the taking

You’re everything you need to be succeeding so do it!

Quit praying for answers and fight for what you believe in!

I keep my ideals with me

Cause’ I know dreams and love will conquer and lead us towards the light on this dangerous ride

Gongs are ringing loud and clear

I’m finally here!

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