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Love is War Lyrics

Lyrics by Lollia (me) and Dan

I can’t find a new road anymore

To lead forth the heat of this love’s war…


Somber clouds embrace the night,

Crowds of monochrome paint the twilight.

Rays of sunlight cast the dawn, they shine one by one

Yet, I know this light won’t reach you.

Ah, the world around me blurs away.

Yet, even so, will my heart continue to fall for you?

I know what’s true, yet I don’t know what the hell to do.

Oh, How can I confess?

I am such a mess…

I have been fooled.

I’ll show you…

Let’s go, fighting from the heart.

I’ll tear the world apart.

No, I can’t stand to see you be with anyone but me.

Your passion will not win

when ardent love is a sin.

But from my core, my feelings will prevail when love is war!

Crying out words through my heartbeat’s megaphone broke it right from the start.

Even if I try to stretch into your love’s gaze, there is nothing that can clear this great haze.

Ah, the dark clouds leave my eyes revealing a clear sky.

But I don’t feel right seeing the light.

I can’t control my true feelings’ soul and body.

How can I begin…

How should I begin…

The one thing I won’t do is shed my tears in front of you…

I love you so!

Let’s go, shooting for your heart.

I swear I’ll hit the mark.

It shouldn’t have to be this way;

I’ll have the final say!

Upon your silent gaze, I will take your breath away

And with the wind, I’ll shine above her all and make you fall.


Be prepared for my attack!

Despite my losses, I will fight this battle without end!

Love is blind, an endless bliss

The only way to break this spell is by your loving kiss.

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