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Leia Lyrics

Lyrics by Lollia (me)

Please call out my name and end my sadness

Heal this broken heart, a haunting madness

Painted on a canvas that deceives me

I will bleed all of my feelings


Drowning in my own fantasy

This illusions’ beyond my reach

“What do you think this warmth could be?”

Melting me, my chest bears this heat

Laughter, smiles they eat away

Everything of me every day

Yes, I’ve come to accept my fate

For my life will always be painted in gray

Is this what I desire - surrendering to lies?

If this is what you wanted…

then tell me why!

Yearning to embed this love within me

Overflowing pain spills from my heartbeat

Forever away, your voice grows distant,

Fear and doubt, of your existence.

If your lovely shape, vibrant and touching

Shatters from its form and fades to nothing.

Then I’d rather live on without seeing

I’ll live on this lie I need.


Lost illusions, they’re mocking me

Testing everything I believe

“What kind of world do your eyes see?”

Echoing, the answers I see are in gray

For a moment it’s stopping

Time in eternity

As reality stripped me of all my sanity

If all time itself loses its meaning

If this world erases every feeling

Then every piece of hope that I’ve been painting

would have all been made for nothing

Just a little more, stay in denial

Just a little more, to see you smile

If my aching voice still isn’t reaching

Then for god’s sake, please just kill me!

Please call out my name and end my sadness

Heal this broken heart, a haunting madness

With this painted canvas that deceives me

I will bury all my feelings

Memories of love that slowly kill me

burn it with my wounded heartbeat

Let the flames consume my soul and body

In your loving sweet embrace

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