◢ Q: I have a business inquiry!
◥ A: If you have a project or collaboration proposal please send it to my email.  Please include a portfolio/social media page of your work/project as proof of your identity.  I will only respond to project proposals through email, please do not send them to my social media or YouTube comments!

◢ Q: I can’t find downloads to your music. “__” link won’t work or I can’t find your “___” cover on YouTube anymore!
◥ A: Unfortunately due to issues of copyright and other complications I've had to legally remove covers from both my channel and streaming platforms. I'm currently in the process of re-mastering a bunch of my old covers so don't worry! They won't be gone forever.

◢ Q:  I want to use your track for a project I’m working on!
◥ A:  Whether it be a dance cover, animation, or a makeup tutorial etc.  Generally, I’m fine with my music being used for content on YouTube as long as I'm credited! Keep in mind this does not apply to all songs I've been a part of.  If the track is a cover, I can't guarantee your content will be 100% safe since I legally can only claim my recordings and not the composition of the track. "Nightcore remixes" and any re-uploads of any of my content are PROHIBITED. 

◢ Q:  I used your track and a company named “Viso Music” has claimed the video.
◥ A: Viso music is the label that protects and claims the rights to all my originals and covers with original-made tracks and A Capella’s.

◢ Q: I want to use the instrumental you used for your cover/original!
◥ A:  Please read the description of the video before emailing me about this.  A lot of my older videos consist of instrumentals that I’ve had to ask permission to use myself.  A majority of my current projects are made with original instrumentation's that I’ve paid for.  So if you’re asking for those in particular then no.   If you wish to cover an original I’ve worked on, go ahead and email me so I can ask permission from the producer if they haven’t shared it publicly already. 

◢ Q: I made a remix of your song/cover and want to sell it!
◥ A: If your remix consists of my vocals, email me.  Please.  It will save the both of us a lot of trouble in the future. 
I do not permit my vocals being used for projects or remixes without my permission (it's also illegal too).  If you are producer/musician I’ve worked with in the past, this applies to you too.

◢ Q:  Can I use your lyrics?
◥ A:  Sure!  Just credit me properly with both my name and my page links.  If you want to use my lyrics for a cover you plan on selling, please email me.